How do I navigate between Boards?


There are 2 ways to navigate between Boards.

I. Navigate between Boards using the 'Menu'.

    Click ' BOARDS' at the top menu and select the Board you recently worked on.

    If the Board you are looking for is not listed, you can click on ' View All Boards' at the bottom of the drop down menu to display all the Boards.

    Select the Board you want to work on.

II. Navigate between Boards by going to 'All Boards'.

    Go to your 'My profile' page by clicking your ' Avatar/Name' located on the top right corner of your screen.
    Select ' My Profile' option from the drop-down list.
    On your 'My Profile' page, you will be able to see 'All boards' button beside the 'Edit profile' button. Click ' All boards' and select the Board you want to work on.

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